J.J. Sanchez

Business Development Manager at PhilNcia Contractors LLC.

Visionary at heart.

Young and restless business owner who thrives in the most challenging of moments. With a background in design and behavioral science, it is my passion to create healthy organizations through servant leadership. Utilizing healthy practices, habits, and routines to develop strong characters within our team is what I bring the table.

Coming from doing demo on houses at a young age to understanding how those houses were designed and built, to a full circle with the opportunity to renovate these homes, I have been a sponge to the real estate industry and the process of construction.

Fascinated by successful business owners and the strategies used to manifest, it is my vision to pass along the knowledge and practices to young men and women so that they may redevelop their own communities.

Driven by the capability to serve others, it brings me joy to connect with organizations and businesses looking to do the same for the Kansas City community as well as grow their own business. Love to network, Lets connect!

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foorum Awards | May 4th
May 4, 2024
foorum Nexus Live
May 30, 2024
6:05 pm

Conversation with a Barber

30 May
Time:  6:05 pm - 6:10 pm
Location:  Live at foorumnexus.com
6:20 pm

"My Therapist Name Is..." Talk Show (10 minutes)

30 May
Time:  6:20 pm - 6:30 pm
Location:  Live at foorumnexus.com

Carlton Abner hosts a talk show segment titled "My Therapist Name Is..."
Conducts an interview with a therapist to humanize therapists and foster empathy

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