foorum Nexus is the nation’s first awareness event that celebrates excellence in mental health & healthcare, Thought leaders and influencers shaping the future of mental fitness and technology.

with the goal of clashing Mental Wellness, Fitness and Technology. foorum Nexus encapsulates the essence of our events, including the distinguished foorum Awards & Expo

Ebrima “Abraham” sisay
When we stand in strength and lead with empathy, we let others find us.

Mental Health

Starter Kit

Upon completion of foorum Nexus, we provide participants with a mental health starter kit, packed with resources for ongoing engagement, empowering them to pursue mental health equity by staying connected.

"FEM Education"

Fostering Emotional Maaturity
“FEM Education, standing for ‘Fostering Emotional Maturity,’ is a K-12 curriculum aimed at developing emotional intelligence, resilience, and social skills in students for life’s challenges.”


Our Team
Ebrima "Abraham" Sisay
Founder, Chief Empathy Officer & CMO
Victoria Nguyen
Executive Vice President
Joseantonio Guillen
VP, Marketing
Aditi Joshi
Senior VP, Marketing
Erick Vidal
Creative Director
Abigail Smith
Logistics & Operations

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